Young Living changes make the case for using MarketMSO

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MarketMSO Young Living WebsiteYoung Living announced to its distributors on Wednesday, May 20 that  Young Living will no longer support redirects from the main Young Living website to personal websites.  This means if you send your clients to the Young Living website and Young Living was then sending them to your personal website, that link will not work after July 29, 2015.

What this means to Young Living distributors:

  • Your customers will need to know your personal website address to find you as their exiting bookmark will no longer work
  • You will need to change any printed materials (business cards, brochures, handouts)
  • All links that are currently indexed by search engines will no longer work

Why MarketMSO is the answer: With MarketMSO, YOU own your website (domain) name and website.

Why is retaining ownership of your website and website name important?

  • As long as Young Living remains in business, MarketMSO links using your Young Living ID# will work – you are not impacted by these changes.
  • You own and control your contact list (email addresses), this is the core of your business and all of the hard work you have put into building your business.  As a business person in general, you should always retain control of your email lists.
  • If the FDA or any other regulatory body decides to limit the use of Facebook or any other social media site for essential oils distributors, it will be critical for you to own your own website that your customers can easily find.
  • If you decide to leave Young Living (or MarketMSO), you can take your website and website name with you – repurpose your site as you see fit.  You keep all of the work you have put into your website and that your customers are familiar with.

Need more information?

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