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Why Own a Website – Part 3

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This is a 4 part series explaining why you need a website, the importance of it and how it can help or hurt your business.

Over the years, we have run into many people who have their own website, but spend all their marketing efforts driving their customers to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social media sites. All they seem to care about is how many Likes/Tweets/Pins, etc. they can get instead of focusing on driving traffic to their website. Unfortunately, some people are very shortsighted and don’t look at a website as the significant part of their business or brand that it is. They may see it as a afterthought, something they “guess” they should do.

When building or maintaining your business, your website is your future and a critical piece of everything you hope to achieve. Your website is your bit of real estate on the internet and it will be yours, potentially forever. Make sure you treat your online presence with all the seriousness it deserves.

It is time to talk branding…

brandingWhat does branding have to do with having a website?

You have a great Facebook page and 204,567 likes! Wow, you have finally made it and everyone knows who you are and wants to know what you have to say!

Tomorrow, Facebook is going to institute a change and based on government pressure, Facebook will no longer allow any pages that deal with essential oils of any kind. They are also removing all posts that contain essential oils, EO and a slew of other terms that are no longer allowed on their site.

Ok, so this isn't really going to happen tomorrow, but we have seen similar actions in the past.  What if it happened again? Don't think you are going to be impacted? What happens to your business if you could not use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or other social media?

Your domain and website is your brand and you have full control over it. You decide how you are going to be presented. If you use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, or other social media , you are not the brand, they are. And by default, you will never be more important than their own brand. They will always come first over your brand and your desire to promote your brand. Don’t let someone else control what you can do with your brand.

Don't think it can happen to you?  Read a personal account from someone whose social media page was completely removed with no explanation: Full Article.  This user had 1,470,000 followers on their interest list and they were all gone in an instant. Even though it may not be in your business category, the fact that it happened should give you a moment of pause and hopefully get you to change how you view your brand.

What did the above business do next? They started their own website and tried to reach out via other Facebook groups to get the word out that they had moved to a new venue (the website). Wouldn't it have simply been easier to start on a website and use Facebook as a form of advertising and engagement to drive customers to your website? What about the users that don't use Facebook? How are you engaging them?

This all comes back to branding and owning your domain name and website.

Your domain name is something that you take with you forever, think about that, the same email address for the rest of your life. Even if Google, Yahoo, Hotmail and Apple close, you don't have to change your email address.

When you own and manage your own website, this means that you retain full control over the content that is on the site. There are also services like MarketMSO that give you content for your site and then also allow you to create as much additional content as you want. Be very careful of sites that do not give you full control over your domain name or websites that won't let you export and take your content to a different host if you choose.

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