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Who You Gonna Call?

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Looking for answers?

Aren’t we all! Seriously, though, when you find yourself in need of help when building your Young Living business, do you know where you can turn?

Look up

First things first, look to your immediate sponsor. You know, the one that got you passionate about oils in the first place. Lean on them for support. More times than not, they’ll be excited to help you build. You know, the whole “what helps your business helps their business” thing.

If your sponsor doesn’t have the direct experience to answer your question or is unavailable, move up the line. Ask the person above them and so on. You’re sure to find someone with the advice you need to get you moving forward and building.

Are you asking yourself “How?”

If you haven’t already, start finding out who is in your upline. You can easily do so by logging in to your virtual office and clicking on “my account”. This will show you three levels of upline support, starting with your sponsor.

Reach out to each of them and start building a list of contacts. Ask what Facebook groups they have that you need to join. Get on their newsletters. Just get on their radar! Make sure they know who you are BEFORE you are coming to them with business building questions.

Obviously, I am in your upline and you’re definitely on my radar! In addition to me, we have others in our upline that we can reach out to when we need, so if you have questions I can't help with, we will get them engaged.

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