Website Ownership 101 – Part 2

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This is a 4 part series explaining why you need a website, the importance of it and how it can help or hurt your business.

Over the years, we have run into many people who have their own website, but spend all their marketing efforts driving their customers to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social media sites. All they seem to care about is how many Likes/Tweets/Pins, etc. they can get instead of focusing on driving traffic to their website. Unfortunately, some people are very shortsighted and don’t look at a website as the significant part of their business or brand that it is. They may see it as a afterthought, something they “guess” they should do.

When building or maintaining your business, your website is your future and a critical piece of everything you hope to achieve. Your website is your bit of real estate on the internet and it will be yours, potentially forever. Make sure you treat your online presence with all the seriousness it deserves.

Do not redirect your website to Facebook or other landing page services.

You should be using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any of a dozen other social network sites to generate traffic to your website. This way, you can own and manage the relationship with those users. If you build your business by sending your customers to Facebook or another social media site and then that site goes away (think MySpace) or if you happened to post something that violated their terms of service and they shut your site down (even temporarily), how would you tell all those customers to find you?

You trained them to go to Facebook, etc. instead of your website, so if something fails with social media, they are lost to you.

Another consideration: if you redirect your website domain to a another site or service, you are allowing someone else to monetize your traffic AND you don't even get to share in the revenue in most cases. Traffic on the internet is money – make sure you have thought through the best way to make the most of it.

How do your clients / customers view your business today?


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How do you reach out to people that are not using social media?

If you aren't accounting for potential clients who aren't on the social media you use, you are alienating them and leaving money on the table. You don't want to summarily dismiss upwards of 20% of the population (assuming you are using Facebook) because you aren't using your website correctly.

Our house building analogy continued…

  1. You have purchased your lot ‘1234 Main Street' (your domain name)
  2. You have starting building your house (your website)

Now you want to tell all of your friends how to contact you, so you create business cards. When you add your address to these, which address seems more professional? Or, for that matter, more legitimate:

  • ‘1234 Main Street'; or
  • ‘big sub division/plot 7a/lot 1234567/1234 Main Street'

Of course you want to give them ‘1234 Main Street', right? This address is direct, straightforward and would not cause questions about your legitimacy or commitment. Similarly, Facebook and other social media sites are amazing tools when they are used correctly, but they are not an effective substitute for a website.

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