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Show up!

You may have learned this simple rule in school, but just showing up can sometimes give you the advantage you need for success. It’s the same with your Young Living business. A lot of times, you just need to show up.

Show up where?

Whether it’s classes being held in your area, a vendor fair in your community, a meeting with a potential distributor or coffee with a friend who has been asking you questions about Young Living off and on for months. Make sure you are showing up!

Young Living Just Show Up

If Young Living is remotely close to your area and is hosting an event – show up! You want to be on these people’s radar and more importantly, you want to soak up all the information you possibly can. You’ll never be sorry you went to an event and they never disappoint. Make sure you bring a friend or two … or five.

It’s really that easy.

You’ll never be able to capitalize on an opportunity if you don’t know about it. So make sure you are out there where like-minded people are gathering and wanting products Young Living offers. This will open you up to new information, new styles of approach, new people to bounce ideas off of and opportunities to be inspired!

Check out Young Living’s Events page to see if anything is planned in your neck of the woods.

Will it guarantee you’ll jump to Diamond in the next month? Not likely. But, it will give you an advantage over someone who is sitting at home!

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