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Processing Fees and Service Charges

Know Your Event Ticket Costs

Did you know your can sell tickets to your classes and events from your MarketMSO Young Living distributor website?  Do you know why you would want to do this?

While you can't move money without paying merchant fees, you can minimize the fees you are paying by understanding the fees your service provider charges you and/or your customers.

When you use services like Oily Events or Eventbrite to sell tickets to your Young Living classes or events, those companies tack on extra fees to cover their costs.  Those fees have to be paid by yourself or your customers.  Regardless of who you are currently using to sell tickets, you or your customer are paying merchant fees (fees for being able to accept credit/debit/Paypal), but when you add on the service fees charged by these companies, it can significantly impact your bottomline.

In the case of Eventbrite, they charge “Eventbrite Service fees” of 2.5% +$.99 per ticket PLUS “Payment Processing Fees” of 3% of ticket price.  You can pass that on to your customers, but make sure you remember that you are doing it when you set a price. Nothing screams SCAM like telling someone that tickets are only $10 and they end up having to pay another 15% in fees.

OilyEvents also has a similar fee and even donates a portion of your money to charity.  If this is important to you, you could take the money you save using your MarketMSO website and donate it directly to a charity of your choice.

If you use your MarketMSO website to sell your tickets, then you only have to pay merchant fees.  NOT merchant fees + service provider fees. You also only pay on the whole transaction – NOT per ticket.

What Are You Going to Do With the Money You Save?

The table below shows your savings for one $10 event with everyone purchasing one ticket each.  If one person buys multiple tickets, you savings with MarketMSO is even more.

Make sure you are making informed decisions as you build your business.  As part of that approach, you need to understand all of your costs so you can price your products and services appropriately.  That is to say, whether your business makes money, breaks even or loses money, it is a conscious choice, not an accident.

What are you waiting for?

There are two options for selling with your MarketMSO website:

Simple Paypal events:  You do NOT get ticket tracking with this process and will need a Paypal account.  Instructions for how to set up this method can be found on our online support forum:  How to Setup Simple Paypal Events.  There is no monthly cost with this version of Paypal and transactional fees are 2.9% + $0.30 per order, not per ticket.

For more advanced ticketing options including keeping customers on your website through the sales process and selling multiple tickets to one individual, please submit a request to Support@MarketMSO.com requesting that Event Tickets be enabled on your site. You will need to know how to setup WooCommerce or have us do the initial setup for you. We can quote this one-time charge for you before we do any work.  With this version you pay a month fee and per transaction costs that end up averaging around 6% of your transaction.

Make sure you are making informed decisions as you build your business. The Sparks Solution

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