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Developing Your Young Living Team

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Developing Your Team Doesn’t Stop When They Get Their Young Living ID #

Once you have the right people engaged on your team, your work has only started!  In order to continue to grow your team members individually and your team as a whole, you must focus on their development.

As a leader, you are a role model for those on your team and you set the stage for what are acceptable behaviors and expectations.  Transparency and consistency is key to ensuring your team understands what you need from them in order for them to be a successful part of your team.  Other important considerations:

  • Walk the Talk. – Make sure your team understands what your values are and you take each chance that is presented to reinforce those with them.
  • What’s Going Well. – Leverage your team’s individual strengths to contribute to the overall strength of your team.
  • Help them Help You. – Identify and offer training opportunities for everyone; even the ones you don’t think will want it.
  • I know you can do this. – Provide stretch assignments and challenge your team to expand their horizons and continue to grow.  Support and encourage them throughout this process.
  • Give feedback. – Provide genuine, concise feedback on a regular basis.  When done well, feedback is a critical piece to growing a great team.

Developing your team members can seem difficult at first, but if you invest the time and effort to grow your team members, you team will be stronger and more effective.

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