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When You Walk the Walk, They’ll Talk the Talk

You know the story. Girl meets oils. Oils meet girl. Girl falls head over heels. Girl shares oils with everyone she loves…Or maybe it was Boy meets oils. Either way, that’s how a lot of us fell into this business.

And that’s how we are going to continue to impact the word with Young Living Essential Oils! Here are three things to keep in mind when spreading your love of oils:

Simply Systematic
Keep it simple and only refer to the body systems that the oils can support. Avoid any claims about the product curing, alleviating, treating, preventing or diagnosing any disease, symptom or injury.

Positively Amazing
Everything you say about Young Living Essential Oils should be uplifting. Anything negative coming from you will be indirectly associated with the oils.

Focus on Wellness
Share the oils by telling your friends how Young Living’s products help you maintain overall wellness. That’s really what it’s all about!

Share the Right Way… Always!

No matter how close you are to the person you’re sharing Young Living with, it’s important you share the right way. Every person you share with is going to model their behavior after you. So, what you say is going to be what they say… and so on, and so on.

If you have any questions about sharing oils, feel free to reach out to me at any time. In addition, I highly recommend you read through Young Living’s Grow! Newsletter whenever it arrives in your email along with other publications like The Essential Edge. They are full of great tips and resources to help you share your oils. If you are not getting GROW!, check your VO preferences.

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