Posting to Facebook

The Facebook Platform uses OAuth 2.0 for authentication and authorization. You need to setup Facebook Application and connect this application to your blog and authorize it.

Plugin could post:

1. Facebook Profile.
2. Facebook Pages (all kinds) (User who authorized the plugin must be an admin of the page).
3. Public Groups (User who authorized the plugin must be at least a member of the public group   must be an admin of the group(for FB Apps created after Jan 30, 2018)).
4. Closed groups (User who authorized the plugin must be an admin* of the closed group).
5. Secret groups (User who authorized the plugin must be an admin* of the secret group).

Please see the instructions below:

Facebook Configuration

1. Create a Facebook App for your website.

1.1. Login to your Facebook account.
1.2. Go to the Developers page:

If you are not registered as “Developer” yet, you need to click blue button “Register”. Click here to see the Register as a Developer instructions, otherwise proceed to the step #3.

FAQ: Question: Why I can’t create an app on ? When I am trying to enter that page it redirects me back to my account?
Answer: Facebook “Business” or “Advertising” accounts can’t manage apps. Only real user accounts are able to create and manage apps. Please login to Facebook as a personal account to be able to create app.

1.3. Click “My Apps -> Add a New App” menu item.

Face book Create New App

Fill “App Name” and “Contact email”. Agree to policies and click “Create App ID”, solve captcha (if asked), click “Submit”.

Important: Please use your own information, don’t literally re-type our email, “SNAP”, “NextScripts Blog”, “” and other sample info.

1.4. No need to add any products yet, just click “Settings”->Basic on the left.

– Notice App ID and App Secret (Click “Show”, enter your password (if asked)) on this page.

– Fill “Contact email” field (if empty), then click “Add Platform”.

1.5. Select “Website” in the list.

Face book Settings

Enter your full website URL to the “Site URL” field.

Enter your domain to the App Domains. Domain should be the same domain as the URL that you have entered to the “Site URL”.

Important!: You must enter the URL and domain that you see in your WordPress Admin Panel. For example your visitors come to your blog at, but you manage your blog from – you must enter to the URL Field and as the domain. Also please note that and are two different domains.

Important!!! Again, Please use your own information, don’t literally re-type “NextScripts Blog”, “” and other example info.

“Important” Please also enter “Privacy Policy URL”. You won’t be able to make public posts without entering Privacy Policy URL. If you actually have “Privacy Policy” page, please enter it’s URL, otherwise just enter your site main page URL.

“Important” Please also enter your contact email. You won’t be able to make public posts without entering email.

Click “Save Changes”

1.6. Click (+) next to the “Products” in the left menu.

You should see the “App Dashboard”->Add a Product page. Please click “Set up” in the “Facebook Login” product box.

1.7. Choose “Web” from the “Platform” selection

1.8. You should see your site’s URL. If not, please enter the URL of your site to the “Site URL” field. Click “Save”.

Important: Please enter the URL of your own website. Do not enter

1.9. Click “Settings” under “Facebook Login” in the left side menu. Please enter the URL of your SNAP Plugin “Accounts” page to the “Valid OAuth redirect URIs” field. Click “Save changes”.

FAQ: What is “URL of your SNAP Plugin “Accounts” page” and how to find it?

Please go to your WP Admin panel and click on “Accounts” under the SNAP|Autoposter in the left side menu. The URL of that page is the “URL of your SNAP Plugin “Accounts” page”

[Important] If your site uses httpS (SSL) protocol you can skip this step.

If you are still using http, please turn off (Set to “No”) “Enforce HTTPS for Web OAuth Login”

1.10. All Facebook apps are in “Development” mode by default. All posts will be visible only to to Admins, Developers and Testers. You need to take an app “Live” if/when you would like your posts to be seen by everybody.

Click “App Review” on the left. Change “Make APPNAME public?” switch from “No” to “Yes”.

Click “Save Changes“.

Your App is ready to use.
Just to avoid any confusion. You don’t need to submit your app for review and approval. Review and approval are required ONLY for apps that will be used publicly by other people. SNAP will be authorized and make posts ONLY as you (as the admin of the app). No review and approval are necessary for admin usage.
2. Connect Facebook to your WordPress.

2.1. Login to your WordPress Admin Panel, Go to the Settings->Social Networks AutoPoster Options.
2.2. Click green “Add new account” button, select “Facebook” from the list.
Facebook Page
2.3. Fill “App ID” and “App Secret” from step 4 above.
2.4. Click “Authorize Your Facebook Account” and follow the authorization wizard. Facebook will ask you series of questions. If you get any errors at this step, please make sure that domain for your WordPress site is entered to your App as “App Domain”.

Important: If Facebook tell you that you need to switch to your main account, you will need to close the wizard, go to, switch account, and then start authorization from the beginning.

[Update – May 2014] Facebook changed some rules regarding the apps. This means that the Facebook App, Facebook profile or page and the user who authorizes the app MUST belong to the same Facebook account. So please make sure you are logged to Facebook as the same user who created the app.

Important: When Facebook Authorization Wizard asks you for the access privileges to your profile/pages, do not uncheck anything and don’t click “Skip”.
Facebook don’t have the ability to request permission to just one page. It’s either all of them or none. If you click “Skip” it means you forbid Facebook from posting to any of your pages, groups or profiles.
Our plugin will post only to the page that you specify.

Facebook Page

Note (Again): Please don’t pay attention to the red message on top of the screenshot above, you don’t need to submit your app for review if you will be posting to the profile and pages you admin.

Facebook Page

Facebook Page

Facebook Page

2.5. Your Facebook account is ready to post to your Profile.

2.6. [Optional] Find your new account in the list and click [Show Settings]. Notice new “Where to Post” dropdown showing your pages and groups. Select Profile or one of the pages or groups and click “Update Account Info”.
Client ID and Client Secret

If your page or groups is NOT in the list please see how to add it here: Why Page/Group is not in the list and how to add it


Facebook Error: “URL Blocked: This redirect failed because the redirect URI is not whitelisted in the app’s Client OAuth Settings. Make sure Client and Web OAuth Login are on and add all your app domains as Valid OAuth Redirect URIs”

Please check #9 of instructions again. The value of the “Valid OAuth redirect URIs” field does not match the actual URL of your SNAP Plugin “Accounts” page.