Reply To: Event Ticket Costs

April 7, 2016 at 11:35 am #3700
Michele Plante

(For more advanced ticketing options including keeping customers on your website through the sales process and selling multiple tickets to one individual, please submit a request to requesting that Event Tickets be enabled on your site. You will need to know how to setup WooCommerce or have us do the initial setup for you. We can quote this one-time charge for you before we do any work. With this version you pay a month fee and per transaction costs that end up averaging around 6% of your transaction.)
In this paragraph it states that there is a month fee? I also read that I have to have a merchant account to go through event tickets. This is not very clear. I asked to have the woo commerce and event tickets enabled on my site. When I set up woo commerce it asks for paypal info to accept payment. Is this the merchant account? I want to be able to see how many tickets are sold and to keep them on my site.