Rave Reviews from Down Under

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If you haven’t yet heard (and let’s be honest, if you haven’t then you weren’t listening to us), we are available in more countries than just the United States and the rave reviews are rolling in! Like this one from Jeanne in Melbourne, Australia:

“Finally! A fully functioning Young Living site that is also 100% compliant with Australian TGA rules. I love my site and these guys keep coming out with new improvements and gadgets all the time. Among many features, I really appreciate being able to register under my own domain name. Unlike other sites that require you to have their name in the domain (yourname.marketmso.com for example), you stand alone (yourdomain.com)!

“MarketMSO uses the most powerful and versatile WordPress theme there is. Although you’d have to be a real tech geek to build it (I tried it once, but gave up in despair), MarketMSO is set up for you already and it’s easy to add, edit and delete pages as you choose. If I can figure it out, anyone can!

“Their customer service is the best and they provide you with tutorial videos on how to do anything you want on your site! They are a very responsive team that are actively engaging with users. Thank you for the great customer experience!”

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