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    Tags and categories are an interesting topic, lets try to break it down into something a little more simple so you can make the best decision on how you want to use them on your site.


    Tags are typically single words or short phrases that you add to a post which helps users identify what the topic is about. If the reader clicks on the tag, it will take them to a page where all posts are listed that also have the same tag in the post. Tags were designed to help readers navigate to additional pages that might contain useful or similar information to the page they are currently reading. Tags were designed to be more granular than categories to get the reader to additional pages quickly without having to sort through posts within a category.

    Think of it as a global search through all posts on the site based on tags

    SEO of tags: It is most definitely worth noting that tags bring a great deal of SEO boost to your site. Every tag links to another page of content related to the tag that is filled with links to your other posts. From an SEO perspective, tags should be used in conjunction with your SEO goals for your website. If you are wanting to show up in Google searches for ‘Raindrop', you should be tagging all of your posts that talk about Raindrop with the ‘Raindrop' tag.

    Posts should have more than one tag associated with it, there is no limit to the number of tags per post but users need to ensure they are not adding tags to a post that does not contain the tag (keyword stuffing). If you post about ‘Raindrop' and do not mention Young Living in the post, DO NOT add a Young Living tag to the post, Google and other search engines will frown on this and you could potentially be removed from Google for doing this.



    Categories are fairly straight forward, they are the general topic that the post is about. Categories have the same SEO usefulness as tags, but at a much higher level. You can have more than 1 category per post but it is a good idea to leave categories at a high level and use tags to drill down in to specific topics that your post covers.

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