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    The MarketMSO Website as delivered is a fully functional and professionally designed website (absolutely amazing for only $20/month – we know).  If you choose the TimeSaver service package, there is no NEED for you to make changes to your MarketMSO Website as fresh content will regularly be delivered to it on MarketMSO Invest The time to Learnyour behalf.

    If you CHOOSE to make changes to your MarketMSO Website to give it a more personalized look/feel, you will need to invest the time to learn how to use WordPress or pay the MarketMSO Team to customize your website for you.

    The good news:

    • MarketMSO has this online forum that you can search for answers to common questions or submit a new question.
    • The MarketMSO Team created “How To” videos to help you customize your new MarketMSO WordPress Website.  You can search for them on this forum by topic or by “Video”.  At the bottom of this post are several videos to get you started and they are listed in recommended viewing order.
    • There are many online support tools for WordPress – just Google your question
    • If you don't have the time/inclination to learn how to use WordPress, use the Ask a New Question link on this forum to request a quote from the MarketMSO Team.

    While the MarketMSO Team loves to help our clients learn, please recognize we have also invested many years and dollars developing our WordPress and website skills (we make it look easy, we know).  You are setting yourself (and us) up for failure if you to think you will master complex and/or advanced WordPress functionality overnight or that it is the responsibility of the MarketMSO Team to teach you everything about WordPress.

    2 – MarketMSO Account Overview

    This video shows how to log into your MarketMSO Account and what types of things you would do. Includes: Changing address, credit card, services, password, activating your affiliate link and adding email addresses. Note: The initial sign in is now — Your Account — Update Billing/Account Info (

    3 – Order New Domain

    This video demonstrates how to order a new domain within your MarketMSO Account. Assumes you are already logged into your MarketMSO Account.

    4 – Logging into your MarketMSO Website

    This video demonstrates how to log into to your MarketMSO Website

    5 – Navigating Home Page & Dashboard

    This video shows how to navigate between your MarketMSO Website Home Page & Dashboard.

    6 – Editing Personal Information

    This video demonstrates how to edit your MarketMSO website's personalized information including: Homepage headline Contact information YL member number Portrait Home page top picture and link About Me

    After these set up videos, what you watch next will depend on what, if anything, you want to do with your website.

    You can search this forum for additional “how to” videos on the following topics:

    • Events/Classes
    • Blogs
    • Custom Pages
    • Typography and Logo changes (Customizer)

    Please remember, all of these videos are optional and you don't HAVE to do anything with the website – it is fully functional as it was originally published and as long as you are on TimeSaver, you will get fresh content regularly.

  • June 8, 2016 at 5:29 pm #4464
    Deb Shepard

    How do I add a logo or tagline? The site comes up, but doesn't have any of my info on it.

  • June 8, 2016 at 5:43 pm #4465

    Have you completed the personalization form we sent you when you signed up yet (here's the link in case not: After you submit the form, it's usually 24-48 hours for our team to customize your site for you.

    You always have access to make these updates yourself – you can search for the word “logo” on this forum and see the video that walks through how to make these types of updates:

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