EVENT TICKETS: Selling Tickets to an Event

  • January 19, 2016 at 3:49 pm #2468

    With MarketMSO, you can sell tickets (just like Eventbrite) without paying the fees that Eventbrite charges.

    Step 1:

    Send an email to the MarketMSO support desk and ask that tickets be enabled on your site (no additional charge to enable)

    Step 2:

    Create a new Event from Events > Add New Event or edit an existing event. In here you will see Event Tickets settings box like this.


    Step 3:

    Activate event ticket for this event and fill in information about the ticket


    Step 4:

    Click update event or Publish (if you just created a new event) This will create associate woocommerce product (ticket) for this ticket you activated.


    Step 5:

    Go to myEventon> Settings> EventCard and find the Event Ticket Box and re-arrange as you wish and click Save Changes


    The Event tickets should appear on front-end. You can also further customize the ticket to create variable priced tickets.

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