Domain Renewals

  • March 15, 2016 at 5:40 pm #3409

    As you come up on a year of owning your own domain name through MarketMSO/The Sparks Solution, you will want to make sure your domain is set to Auto Renew in your MarketMSO account.

    Renewal Timing

    First, you will start to receive emil reminders from indicating when your domain will be up for renewal:

    MarketMSO Domain Renewal Email

    Sign into your MarketMSO Account ( > Your Account > Update Billing/Account Info).

    To Renew Your Domain Now

    Click on the Renew Now button in the Domains Expiring Soon section:

    MarketMSO Domain Renewal Notice

    Check the box with the domain you want to renew and check the Order Now box.  You are good for another year!

    Domain renewal Notice 2

    To change your Auto Renew status:

    Click on Domains in the header menu and choose My Domains. Choose Auto Renew Status under the wrench icon dropdown.

    MarketMSO Update Domain Renewal Status

    Choose Enabled or Disable Auto Renew.  If Auto Renew is enabled, you will automatically be billed when your domain is up for renewal.

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