Enabling and Managing Blog Comments

  • January 7, 2016 at 8:34 am #2276

    Enabling and managing comments on your site.

    With WordPress comes a ton of great features and abilities, like the ability to engage your readers through comments. This is great for your site, your SEO and for growing your businesses.

    We have recently installed and enabled CleanTalk on all MarketMSO sites.

    CleanTalk is a service that monitors all comments, new registrations and contact forms on your website and stops nearly all of the spam comments from being posted on your site or emailed to you. This means that you should be free to enable comments on your site without fear of being overrun by pharmaceutical comments! Yeah!

    Go to your Dashboard and click on Settings > Discussion


    Now the detailed settings and descriptions for you:

    Default Article Settings:
      • This means that your blog will notify other blogs if you link to them in one of your posts
      • This is to notify you if a blog links to your article on their site
      • Default setting for new posts that you create on your site
    Other Comment Settings:
    • Comment author must fill out name and email
      • Does the user have to fill out name and email?
      • You can leave this off to open comments up to the public
    • Automatically close comments on articles older than days
      • This can come in handy if you only want to talk about fresh content
    • Enable threaded (nested) comments levels deep
      • This is a visual preference
    • Break comments into pages with top level comments per page and the page displayed by default
      • This is a visual preference
    • Comments should be displayed with the comments at the top of each page
      • Personal preference, we like new comments at the top instead of at the bottom
    Email me whenever:

    Set these to your preference if you would like to receive emails or not. If you are not monitoring your site, you will want the emails so you can respond to comments


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