Adding Streaming Audio

  • March 1, 2016 at 10:37 am #3129
    So you want to add streaming audio to your site?

    You can add audio files in the same way that you add pictures, however most audio files are going to very large in size and you will not be able to upload them to your MarketMSO website. What now?

    The Easiest Way
    1. If you do not have a Dropbox account, create one. They are free and give you around 3Gb of storage at no charge.
    2. Upload your audio files to Dropbox
    3. Using Cornerstone, build a custom page/post and drop in Audio Players where you want to have your audio files placed on your page (don't worry about the links yet, just set the element(s) in place)
    Finish your page by placing the links

    Go to Dropbox and click Share on the first file that you want to place on your site. It will give you a link that looks something like this:


    You need to convert that link to a streaming link so it plays from your website.

    1. Drop the ?dl=0 off the end
    2. change www to dl
    3. Your link should now look like the below link without the asterisks (with your own FUNKYCODE/FILENAME)


    Now put the modified URL into the audio player in Cornerstone and you are done. Do this for each audio link that you want to have streaming from your site.

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