MSOData Service Update

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The Issue

As all Young Living Business Builders should know, email for MLMs in the US changed dramatically in March, 2016 when MailChimp changed their Acceptable Use Policy to prohibit MLMs from using their email services. At that time, the MarketMSO Team switched the email portion of our MSOData service to Amazon for email distribution and also created a new interface. This was all done without our users experiencing an outage and with no additional cost to our users.

The reason we chose Amazon was because it has a reputation for not getting flagged as SPAM so MSOData users would have the highest chance of their contacts receiving their emails. Part of Amazon's high standards also means they have zero tolerance for emails that, in their determination, have the appearance of SPAM.

Unfortunately, some of the user emails sent via the MSOData system were reported by recipients to be SPAM and subsequent appeals by the MarketMSO Team have not persuaded Amazon otherwise.

Because of this, Amazon has revoked MarketMSO’s ability to use their service to send any emails including marketing emails.

The Cause

To quantify the problem, if the total number of emails sent across the whole MarketMSO Data system in a week was 10,000, Amazon (like other providers) only allow 10 complaints before they shut off service, so it is critical for users to make sure their contact lists contain people that want to hear from them. Unfortunately MSOData users far exceeded this threshold as of July 8.

Our research indicates multiple MSOData users sent emails to contacts who marked the user emails as SPAM.

NO MSOData marketing emails created by the MarketMSO Team were included in the SPAM reports.


Options considered to resolve the email issue:

  1. Permanently discontinue MSOData email functionality (including marketing emails) – Users would still have access to the current filters and a new .csv download to use to populate whatever email system you choose for marketing emails. The .csv download would be available later this week. The MarketMSO Team would continue to maintain our real-time data feed from Young Living.
  2. Move to a new email distributor – If the MarketMSO Team creates another interface with a new email system, the underlying issue of MSOData users sending emails to recipients that report them as SPAM is not resolved.
  3. Redesign how our contact management system works to require all contacts pulled from Young Living to opt-in for all emails on each MarketMSO website. Even with this change, there is no guarantee Amazon will reinstate MSOData email.

Resolution & Next Steps

Based on the above mentioned considerations plus Young Living’s announcement at convention that they plan to improve their contact management system, the MarketMSO Team has determined we will discontinue all MSOData email functionality and provide a new .csv download for our users.

No change is required by you to continue to use the MSOData filters and new .csv file. If you wish to cancel your MSOData service, please send an email requesting that MSOData be removed from your account to

To better align MSOData pricing with the market value of similar products, MSOData pricing will remain at $25/month. Also effective September 1, all users will pay $25/month for MSOData, including anyone with previously grandfathered pricing.

Thank you for your patience last week as we worked through the appeal process with Amazon. While we are disappointed with their decision, we are confident we have exhausted all feasible options with them at this time.