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Never Input Your Contacts Manually Again!

With MSOData, you can see important information about your business without digging through analytics

Contacts Imported Daily
Never input your YL contacts manually ever again!
12 Months Overall Data
Is Your Business Growing, Stagnant or Declining? Now You Know!
Premade Filters
Filter Contacts Based on Location, ER Orders, Ordered This Month and More…

What Does MSOData Do?

and why you should get it…

Cut Administrative Costs

  • All YL contacts imported daily
  • See new members in 24 hours
  • Cut your monthly costs!

At-A-Glance Trending

  • See your overall business health
  • See who hasn't ordered this month
  • Help nurture new relationships!

Export Contacts to CSV

  • Use with most email programs
  • Filter and then export with a click
  • Save time and effort!

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