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More than Words

The sentiments that come out of our mouths are more than just words. They can have the ability to shape our mindset, enhance your internal healing capabilities and improve the effectiveness of the Young Living Essential Oils.

Did you know that by simply reshaping your use of language, you could boost your Young Living business?

We call it “conscious language” and it’s a great way to align your words with your deepest desires. Here are three tips to help you get started with “conscious language”:

  1. Replace “if” with “when” – Instead of saying, “If I make Diamond, I’m going to…” say “When I’m a Diamond, I’m going to…”
  2. Speak it and believe it – “Everyone who comes to my class is going to be blessed by oils.”
  3. Positively positive – Everything you say should skew to the positive. You can even reframe negative things said to you in a positive light. “This is too difficult” becomes “This is a great opportunity to grow my skills.”

Marcella Vonn Harting, Ph.D., is a Royal Crown Diamond and our resident expert when it comes to conscious language. You can order her Conscious Language: Building Your Business training CD here. This is highly recommended in your pursuit for business success.

You’re going to love being a Diamond!

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