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We hope everyone has had a great experience with their MarketMSO page. If you'd be willing to share your testimonial to help us get out to more people, you can do so here. We'd really appreciate it!

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  1. Loving my site, and these guys keep coming out with new improvements and gadgets all the time! Really like the fact that sites are registered under your own domain name, (yourname.com rather than yourname.marketmso.com).

    Themeco X-Theme is the most powerful and versatile WordPress theme there is, and also the easiest to edit, though you’d really have to be a tech geek to BUILD a site with it. (I tried it once, but had no clue what I was doing and gave up in despair.) Once it’s all done, the rest is easy. You can add/edit/delete pages as you choose and Cornerstone makes the process simple. If I can figure it out, ANYONE can.

    Customer service is the best, and there are tutorial videos on how to do anything you want to do with your site! Very responsive team, and they are active in the site users’ Facebook group, too.

    Thank you, Sparks Solutions and Market MSO for a great customer experience!

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