Give them someone to look up to!

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By now, you should know who you’re looking up to in Young Living. If you haven’t figured out your upline yet, it’s important to do so. I’m in your upline and I’m ready to help you find the other resources above you. Just ask!Lead your team

What about the people on your team? Do they know who you are? I sincerely hope so. The biggest mistake you can make if you’re truly trying to build a business is having the day you signed them up for an account be the last time you communicated. It takes continual follow up and support to make it in this business.

Ways to show you care

How often you communicate with your downline and how you do so depend on your comfort level and available time. Here are some simple ways to track your team and make sure they know you’re watching out for them:

  • Track orders in your Virtual Office and let them know if they are close to a reward level. Don’t let them miss out on a free product by a small margin!
  • Connect them to Facebook groups and helpful videos you’ve seen that aren’t too time consuming.
  • Keep them up-to-date on products that are out of stock. Also, be sure to let them know when highly coveted products are in stock before it’s too late!
  • Know when accounts are going to become inactive. You may think they aren’t interested in keeping their account active if they haven’t ordered in 12 months, but you never know. This is a good time to reignite their interest!

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