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Becoming a Comp Plan Expert

Talking money isn’t always the most comfortable thing for Young Living members to do. You don’t want to turn people off and have them think that’s all you are after. I completely understand and have been there. But, if you’re going to build this business, you need to get beyond that fear.

The truth of the matter is, if you’re like me, you care about all the areas that Young Living strives to improve the world. Introduce your members to all our areas of focus – Wellness, Purpose and Abundance!

Speaking of Abundance

Before you can help them get financially well with Young Living, you need to make sure you understand the compensation plan – front and back, side to side, upside down and rightside up, and so on.

Put in the time. Put on some Abundance. Study the plan here. You can also find helpful guides in your Virtual Office under Member Resources. Look these over as much as you can – every day even – until you can explain:

  • All the bonuses available
  • What OGV, PV and PGV are, as well as how they differ and why they are important
  • Each level you can achieve
  • How deep each level earns and at what percentage
  • How many legs are needed for each level

Until you know the compensation plan well enough to explain it to your downline, you’ll struggle to be successful. In addition, knowing it will make sure you and your downline aren’t leaving money on the table. That’s definitely worth the time you invest to get it down!

Learning about the compensation plan and becoming as close to an expert in it as you can will propel you forward in this business. I want to help you, just let me know how I can!

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