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Four Colors to Know by Heart

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The Personality Rainbow

You don’t have to be a design major to “know your colors.” Not when it comes to the business of sharing oils with Young Living. When you hear your fellow Young Living members talking about “colors”, chances are they are referring to Big Al.

Big Al?

Tom Schreiter (how he gets the name “Big Al”, I don’t know) is a networking marketing expert and educator that teaches The Secret Language for Network Marketing. That secret language resides in knowing your personality colors – Blue, Yellow, Red and Green.

Big Al teaches people all around the world how to use these colors to their advantage. Knowing the personality colors will help you best approach prospects, your downline and even crossline members, and put you on the fast track to success. Here’s a super-brief rundown of the colors:

  • Blue

    These people like to have a good time. They like to socialize and meet new people. Getting their attention is as easy as letting them know there’s a party and they’re invited.

  • Yellow

    These people are mostly concerned with helping others. They don’t want to bother anybody or be a nuisance. Knowing how Young Living can help their loved ones is most important to them.

  • Red

    Tell them just what they need to know. Nothing more. Nothing less. That’s what Red personalities want. Getting to the important point and not getting bogged down with all the details is important to them.

  • Green

    “Just the facts, ma’am. Just the facts.” Actually, ALL the facts. That’s what they want. Details and research are what get Green personalities excited. They need to know they don’t have to make a decision today. They need time to read EVERYTHING about it.

Are you identifying with a color already? Can you place somebody in each of the four categories? Maybe you see a little of yourself in each one?

Learning more about this and becoming a color expert is crucial to your success in this business. I encourage you to go to Big Al’s website and educate yourself. You can even order his book on the four personality colors here.

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  1. This may be a silly question, but when these articles come out are they designed to be shared on our site or are they being emailed to our contacts?

    1. Since all of our MarketMSO clients are business builders, we thought these posts are good content to reuse/share. You don’t have to do anything with them, but you are more than welcome to share anything we post.

    2. Thank You. I just didnt understand if they were on the websites as well or just the FB page to share if we choose.

    3. These types of posts are topics from last year’s business builder email campaigns. Nothing to do with your website. Sorry for the confusion.

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