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Don’t Let a Little Rain Ruin your Day

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Some Rain Can Help you Grow

Sometimes, with all of the best intentions, you still don’t get it quite right.

How to Turn a Little Rain into an Opportunity

Below are some helpful tips on how to handle situations when you have made an error or need to set the record straight with your team:

  • Own it. 
Regardless of the circumstances, it is important to your credibility with your team to own the result. We are all human – even the best of us don’t get it all right 100% of the time.   Your team knows this.
  • Repair and Communicate. 
If you can fix it, fix it.  You also need to let your team know what happened and how its been handled.  This sense of transparency helps you build trust with your team and also allows them to learn from your experiences.  If you need to apologize for the mistake, make sure you do it quickly, sincerely and concisely.
  • Learn from it.  Identify why the mistake happened and how you could have handled it differently to achieve another outcome.  You also need to figure out how to avoid making the same mistake again.

Mistakes can be embarrassing, but actively addressing them can alleviate some of that sting.  Handled correctly, you can also use these situations as opportunities to strengthen your team.

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