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Taxbot for Young Living Business Builders

Young Living and Taxes. Two Certainties in Life.

When it comes to building your own business with Young Living, you need to be on top of things: Your downline, your rank, your orders, your classes … and your tax deductions. Lucky for you, Young Living and Taxbot make it a lot easier.

Taxbot for Young Living

Taxbot is a program that helps you track your deductions right from your smartphone and even find ones you didn’t know about. And, as a Young Living member – you get a 50% discount!

See, it’s already saving you money.

Taxbot can do many things right from your smartphone, including:

  • Store your receipts by taking a picture
  • Track your mileage
  • Securely import expenses from your bank account
  • Print out AuditSafe deduction reports
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It’s crucial for the success of your business to be on top of your taxes, no matter what you use to do so. Taxbot makes it a lot easier and it’s a product that Young Living trusts enough to partner with.

Get signed up today for only $5 per month. You can go ahead and thank me later.

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